The Playmill Experience


The Playmill Theatre provides an experience like no other. The moment you arrive you will be greeted and shown to your seat by members of the Playmill Cast. They will personaly get to know you and would love to help you with concessions (fudge), programs, and souvenirs.


As you walk to your seat you will be delighted to hear Playmill Players singing and entertaining on stage. Once the audience is seated, we begin the show with sing-along and opening number, followed by an audience favorite — the Playmill Variety Show!  The featured production will be announced and begin directly after the variety show.

After over fifty years of the "Finest in Family Entertainment," The Playmill Theatre continues the tradition with three popular hits this summer Disney's Tarzan, Footloose, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The Playmill Theatre’s number one fan—John Taylor

The Playmill Theatre’s number one fan — John Taylor

The Playmill Experience includes:


  • Being seated by members of the Playmill Cast

  • Served concessions, fudge, programs, or souvenirs by the Playmill Cast

  • Hearing Playmill Players singing & pre-show entertainment on stage

  • Beginning the show with Sing-Along

  • The Playmill Variety Show! (an audience favorite)

join us! 

for a night of

great theatre

In our rustic home:


West Yellowstone,


the Gateway 

to Yellowstone National Park.