Praise for Playmill:

Ronn Legislador: I just got back in my hotel from watching singing in the rain and I haven't gotten over it yet!!! Superb production, great performers, it was truly worth my time. I've seen musical productions before in NYC, Las Vegas and even Spokane Washington and it is for the first time while watching the show that I totally felt connected to the show which i haven't felt in big productions. It's interactive and the performers are just 100% great!

Melissa Taft: I don't even know where to start! Just amazing! I've been privileged to attend many top-notch, Broadway, 5th Avenue, etc professional productions and have been involved in theater all my life. So it was such an unexpected joy to find this gem in a small town. Great acting, great singing, great dancing, quality production. Absolutely worth it! If you're visiting Yellowstone, treat yourself!

Jim Sevy: My wife, Carol, and I along with my Son, Jacob Sevy and his wife Michelle, had an absolutely amazing time at the Playmill Theatre tonight. We saw Mary Poppins and it was such a wonderful experience! We highly recommend it to anyone in the area, or who will be in the area. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to Roger and Heidi Merrill and the incredible cast and crew!

Brett Larson: Man, I don't even know where to start... I'm not a "theater guy" and was kind of dragged along to the Mary Poppins performance last night with my family reunion group. By the end of the show I didn't want it to be over. It was that good. Like I said, totally not a theater guy, but also have been to the Orpheum and Broadway to see some big time productions, and can recognize talent when I see it and all I can say is, Wow!!! Top notch, world class production and talent...